Katherine and Patrick

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Our Story

The story of how Patrick and Katherine met all started when Katherine decided to join Bay Area Fight Academy (BAFA). Katherine along with her two friends Larry and Sophea signed up. They easily met and became friends with the other members of BAFA, Patrick included. Patrick and Katherine grew closer as they started to spend more time together outside of working out. Their vibes just seemed to click. They shared great interest in trying new restaurants and exploring new places. One place in particular was Iroriya where they visited often.

Katherine and Patrick's friendship grew closer as they took their first trip to Cancun along with their friend Larry. This was the spark to a new developed friendship for the two. Their feelings gradually started to grow for each other as they spent more and more time together. It was after Katherine's birthday bash when they both realized that they wanted to be more than friends. On January 15, 2016 they became official.

Katherine and Patrick shared a love for traveling and eating their way through the world. They have visited many places together including Seattle, Portland, Hawaii, Philippines, Korea, Thailand and the list still continues. They would plan trips for special occasions like Japan to celebrate Patrick’s 30th birthday. Everything seemed to matched up perfectly so they took their relationship to the next level. They bought a house and moved in together.

After settling in to their new home they planned a vacation to Bali, Indonesia and Thailand. On August 29, 2018 Patrick dropped on one knee and after waiting 4 hours to take the perfect proposal picture, asked Katherine to be his wife. Of course, she said YES! This is the beginning of their newest and most exciting adventure.

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